• The Idea Is Born

    With the goal of delivering Cannabidiol to the consumers in a fast and efficient way, founders Mr. Jad Kahook, Mr. Sammy Kahuk, and Mr. Sbeitan develop the first smokable CBD product.

  • The 1st CBDoobie is LIT!

    Made with the finest quality smokable herbs, and infused with 99% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate, the first CBDoobie is lit in Fall 2016 at The Euphoric Lab in Miami, Florida.

  • New CBDoobie Flavors Are Introduced

    After our success with the original Jack Herer flavor, CBDoobie introduces two additional flavors: OG Kush and Lemon Haze.

  • CBDoobie TODAY

    Today, CBDoobie has made their mark in the CBD industry in Florida. Offering the authentic Doobie feel, thousands of CBDoobies continue to find their way into the hands of CBD consumers nationwide!